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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bubbles... From An Angel

The following is a repost from November... enjoy!

Thank you D Wheeler for your post...

"Since becoming a Mom I think at least one person a day performs a RAOK for me. For example, one time I was in Target and my son was being particularly fussy. We were in the check out line, so, we didn't have too much longer inthe store, but it was one of those 'hurry up and wait' life moments where everything takes longer than it should.

The lady behind me took out one of those bubble blowers like they give out at weddings and started blowingbubbles for my son. Then she gave me the bubbles to keep as something that I could use to help entertain him in "emergencies" like this one.

Something simple, small, useful, and easily portable. It was wonderful and made my day much easier. "