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Friday, December 26, 2008

On God's Errand...

I am always amazed at how the Lord knows each one of us so well. It has never been more evident to me than this last week as I watched His divine power in the life of my friend.

I am blessed enough to call this person friend. She has experienced a myriad of trials from children surviving life threatening illness to financial strain. She usually is dealing with two or three major struggles at once. Through it all, she wonders how she can have strength to continue. But I see her strength, her devotion to God. And she comes through each with a persistent smile and weary laugh. And I watch as the Lord works miracles in her life to help her bear her burdens.

This Christmas season provided her another opportunity to allow the Lord work miracles.

Most people with a large family, as my friend has, know that it takes creative planning to make a dollar stretch through the family. This season was no different. With many mouths to feed, a wedding, helping an injured daughter, and the everyday toll on the family wallet, my friend was not prepared for her son to come home from school with a finger so positively broken it was difficult to look at. Not wanting her son to live with a mutated hand the rest of his life, she took the matter to the Lord. You see, they didn’t have insurance and this wasn’t just a “put-some-ice-on-it” kind of injury.

After several suggestions from various people and calls that yielded empty results, my friend felt compelled to call a specific Orthopedic Office.

Uncharacteristic to many doctors’ offices, this office was able to see her son immediately.

Thankfully, the surgeon that saw her was skilled enough to know her son needed surgery.

The next day. One week before Christmas.

Not knowing how they were going to pay for this procedure with Christmas only days away. My faithful friend took the matter to the Lord. Again, she was guided to go ahead with the surgery the following morning. Thankfully, no ligaments were damaged and after 2 pins being placed in his knuckle, my friend’s son was able to begin healing correctly.

A few hours after the completion of the surgery, the surgery center called. They wanted to tell her that her bill at the center would be reduced by 2/3, a significant amount.

Shortly after that phone call, she received a second call, this time from the Doctor’s secretary. The doctor wanted to wish the family Merry Christmas and was dismissing ALL of his fees.

The doctor acted on an errand from the Lord. He had no way of knowing my friends personal circumstances. He had no idea what was going on in her life. But he must have known God, because he acted as His angel that day.

I cried with my friend. Savoring the sweet feeling that comes from knowing the Lord knows each of us personally. Knowing we are protected and guided by a Divine Hand. Confident in knowing we are in His care. He doesn’t always take our trials away, but He will always give us the ability to face them.

He knows me. He knows my friend. He knows you.

He lets us know it by sending us angels like this doctor.

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Fiauna said...

Wow, what a great example of a Christmas miracle. I've worked with many doctors, not many would dismiss all of their charges that quickly. I'm glad things worked out so well for your friend.